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Mozilla is ditching Onerep its privacy partner

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Tech News | Mozilla is ditching Onerep its privacy partner

Mozilla has ended its partnership with privacy partner Onerep after the CEO of identity protection company Onerep admitted to having ties to data brokers.


“Onerep CEO’s outside financial interests and activities do not align with our values.” the nonprofit that supports the Firefox web browser said“. Although customer data was never at risk.




In February. Mozilla added the removal of data service from Onerep as part of its new $9 per month Monitor Plus subscription.


Mozilla abandons its partner Onerep

The service allowed users to search for their personal information across the web and submit removal requests through dozens of websites. All through Mozilla’s partnership with Onerep.


Mozilla launched the Monitor service in 2018 under the name Firefox Monitor. It verifies data from the website to let users know if email addresses or passwords were leaked in data breaches.




An in-depth report from Krebs on Security found that the Belarusian CEO of Onerep. Dimitri Shelist, has founded dozens of people search networks over several years.


Shelist explained that there is no exchange or sharing of information between Nuwber and Onerep. He said: My association with a people search company may seem strange.


In case I didn’t take this initial route by delving into how people search sites work, he continued. Onerep will not have the best technology in this area. I realize now that I didn’t make this more clear in the past.




Following Shelist’s statement, Mozilla decided to end its short-term partnership with Onerep. “We are now working to solidify a transition plan that will provide customers with a seamless experience and continue to put their interests first,” the nonprofit said.


in conclusion

Mozilla did not say if it is looking for a new privacy partner to replace Onerep. or if it plans to stop the service completely.


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