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Accessing ready made passwords in Kali Linux

by Taroq

Explanations | Accessing ready made passwords in Kali Linux

The Kali Linux system contains many useful features and tools that will help you in this field, including accessing ready made passwords in the system.


The system has many passwords ready for use in case you want to crack or guess a password. We have previously explained how to create a file containing your passwords.


These files come installed with the system and contain at least one million commonly used passwords. You will find these files in txt format.


Ready files: Accessing ready made passwords

There are copies of the password files available to you in the Kali Linux system. You can access them and use or copy these files, and we will explain below how to access them.


1- First, we open the command giver from the top of the screen, as shown in the image below. We type the following commandwordlists” and then press the Enter key.



2- Now you will find the path to the files and you can copy the path and go to it. One of the best of these files is the “wifite.txt” file, as it contains the most frequently used passwords.




3- To go to the location of the files on your device, all you have to do is copy the link above. Go to your home folder and paste the link into it.



in conclusion

You will now find in front of you many ready-made files, which you can use to guess passwords. These files contain the most common passwords.



Through these files, as we mentioned, you can use them or create your own file, whether this file contains numbers, symbols, or both.



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